Master Molder I – Make more parts and Money

2 weeks, 10 days, 64 hours of class, 17 hours of study, and 10 hours of practical and written exams… So worth it

What is Master Molder?

Master Molder I is a 2 week course offered by RJG, Inc. that focuses on teaching students about the behaviors of plastic and the Decoupled II molding process. The class makes processors smarter, it gets teams speaking the same language, and makes plastics manufacturers more money

Why we did it..

Five Nines President, Steven Fage, came from a background in industrial automation ranging from Yushin and DENSO 6 Axis robots, Allen Bradley PLC’s, and other devices ..

As our focus continues to grow in the plastics industry, the importance of understanding plastics processing is becoming paramount. This course got us speaking the language of our customers so we can effectively address their needs.

Why you should do it..

  • Get your team speaking the same language
  • Scientific Molding / troubleshooting, no more “Black Magic”
  • Consistent parts across similar machines in your shop
  • Access to hands-on operation of a variety of molding machines both hydraulic and electric including Milacron, Engel and TOYO

Does everyone in your plant speak the same language? Processors come from different backgrounds and “ways of doing things”. This causes many inconsistencies in both processing and quality… (wasted money and time).

Stop wasting all that time and get everyone on the same page. It’s worth it, ask anyone who’s done it..


  • Get the training while you can, many plastics companies require/seek out Sr. Processors that have the MMI credential..
  • Most states provide money for training, drop a note on HR and let them know they are able to get free money to pay for your training.


Have questions regarding grant money in your state, contact your local representative, or if in Florida please feel free to contact our Support Department


John Knipp, Regional Manager SE & Puerto Rico Region, RJG Inc., [email protected]

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