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Gammaflux Hot Runner Controllers & Sequential Valve Gate Control Systems

Gammaflux G24 Hot Runner Controller

G24 Hot Runner Temperature Control System

The Brand New G24 Series features Improved Interlocks, Mold Doctor, Early Material & Leak Detection, a smaller footprint and a 5-Year Warranty (no questions asked).

Best for 18 to 480 zones of temperature control.

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Gammaflux LEC 24zone Hot Runner Contoller

LEC Hot Runner Temperature Control System

The Affordable LEC Series provides field-proven hot runner controller performance, reliability, and affordability. No longer do you have to pay top dollar to get top hot runner temperature control.

Best for 2 to 24 zones of temperature control.

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Gammaflux Accessories

Gammaflux Temperature Control Screen

LCD Screen

Mini or Full Screen Available

MS - Mini - with cable hanger

Cable Hanger

Mini and Standard Size Available

S2 - short top - Mini - with large pod


Each transformer pod is detachable, has forced air cooling and an independent circuit breaker.

Take the Gammaflux Challenge

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Cavity Map Pro

Quickly create a cavity map that allows the user to create common tip layout patterns instantly. Flip the image to quickly identify which zone/cavity to change or investigate.

Gammaflux Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Picture of an actual leak that was detected early by the Gammaflux watt/leak alarm.

Take a No-Risk 2 Week Trial (only pay freight if returned)

Try a Gammaflux temperature controller for two weeks on your most challenging process/mold setup to see the difference for yourself. If you are not 100% satisfied, return the controller to Gammaflux and you’ll only pay return freight.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced part quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Improved part weight consistency
  • Material savings
  • Higher profit margins

To Request a Gammaflux Challenge Controller:

  1. Determine the controller requirements for your application (let us know if you need assistance).
  2. Submit your request in the RFQ form below.
  3. We will review with the Gammaflux team to determine the likelihood of a trial success.
  4. If the trial is approved, you will be invited to issue a $0 tracking purchase order for the requested quote number.
  5. When Gammaflux receives the trial order, you will be notified of an approximate ship date for your controller.
  6. Test the Gammaflux controller on your most challenging process/mold for two weeks. A Gammaflux representative will likely visit during the trial to provide training and process optimization. You should be very pleased with the results!
  7. After two weeks, purchase the controller or return it to Gammaflux and only pay return freight*.

* – if the unit is not returned you will be billed using the $0 PO number for the full amount of the quote.

Select G24 Controller or LEC Controller, or either if you’re not sure.

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