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Stop Losing Money on In-Efficient Cooling

Smartflow Water Cooling and Distribution Components

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Flow Sensor, Regulators and Water Manifolds

Smartflow FasTie Ejector System

Fastie Ejector System

Quickly “ties-in” the mold ejector plate to the press ejection system in an injection molding press, dramatically reducing mold change time. The greatest time savings are realized in presses where space is limited and the ejector system is difficult to tie in using solid knock-out bars..

Smartflow Swap Valve SPV8 and 16 B color cob

Swap Valve

Saves 15-20 minutes of unproductive tool change time by eliminating the tasks of draining multiple Supply and Return hoses plus cleaning-up water spills.

Plastics Processing Equipment

Water Manifolds

Water Manifolds help you increase cooling efficiency and speed cycles by providing ample water supply to cooling processes.

Smartflow Flow Regulators

Flow Regulators

Smartflow Flow Regulators provide a unique, single-point manual flow control. The Delta-Q is a low-cost precision flow regulator module.

Smartflow Temperature Sensors

Temperature Regulator

The Mold Temperature Regulator effectively controls mold cooling water temperature between 80°F and 120°F (27°C and 49°C) to maintain a steady mold temperature.

Smartflow Electronic Flowmeters Family

Smartflow Flowmeter

Ideal for monitoring water flow and, when used in conjunction with a control valve, permits precise regulation of water flow.

Smartflow In-Mold Sensors

In-Mold Sensors

In-Mold Sensors help prevent accidental mold close in injection molds by verifying the position of mold components such as ejector plates, slides and cores.

Scientific Cooling Classes

Scientific CoolingClasses

This comprehensive 2-day class is for designers, mold builders, tooling engineers, and mold technicians who want to better understand and control the effects of mold cooling resulting in a more robust mold design, mold build, and molding process.

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