Plastics Processing Training & Technology

RJG Injection Molding Process Training

Plastics Processing Training

RJG offers advanced training classes from 3 days to 2 weeks, ever heard of MASTER MOLDER?

RJG Multi-Channel Strain Gage Solution

In-Mold Sensors

Cavity pressure measurement data can help identify: Sinks, Shorts, Flash, Voids, Dimensions, Weight, Chemical Resistance, Warp or In-Molded Stress

RJG eDART with components


The system is essential for any molder who wants to stabilize their injection molding process, contain bad parts, and/or control their process to ensure parts of the highest quality, while reducing the cost to make them.

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RJG Inc.

RJG Inc. provides comprehensive tools and training that allow molders to implement Scientific/Systematic Molding Techniques thus improving molding quality, productivity and profitability.

RJG training graduates have the global reputation of being able to deliver cost savings to their employers on every level starting at the point of new product development through finished parts out the door. Ever heard of Master Molder?

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