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RJG Injection Molding Process Training, Consulting and In-Mold Sensors and Machine Monitoring Systems

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RJG Plastics Processing Training & Technology

RJG Injection Molding Process Training

Plastics Processing Training, Master Molder

RJG offers advanced training classes from 3 days to 2 weeks, ever heard of MASTER MOLDER?

RJG Multi-Channel Strain Gage Solution

In-Mold Sensors

Cavity pressure measurement data can help identify: Sinks, Shorts, Flash, Voids, Dimensions, Weight, Chemical Resistance, Warp or In-Molded Stress

RJG eDART with components


The system is essential for any molder who wants to stabilize their injection molding process, contain bad parts, and/or control their process to ensure parts of the highest quality, while reducing the cost to make them.

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