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Own equipment that is both designed and built by the same company.

Advantage Engineering Process Cooling Equipment

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All Designed & Made in the USA

Advantage Engineering Temperature Controller SK-1035 LE

Temperature Controllers

  • Circulation units provide temperature stabilized fluid.
  • Water units to 300°F. Oil units to 500°F
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Advantage Engineering Quote Portable Chillers for Injection Molding

Portable Chillers

  • 1/4 – 40 Tons of Capacity
  • Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Models
  • Process Fluid Temperatures from 20 – 70°F
  • Designed for Indoor Installation
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Advantage Engineering Outdoor Central Chiller OACS

Central Chillers

  • 5 – 180 Tons of Capacity
  • Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Models
  • Complete Chiller and Pumping Station Packages or Independent Chilling Modules
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation
Advantage Engineering Cooling Tower TC-45F

Cooling Towers

  • Evaporative cooling for fluid temperatures from 70° to 100°F.
  • Non-ferrous units to 540 tons.
Advantage Engineering process cooling pump tank

Pump Tank Stations

  • For circulating your chilled or tower water to your process.
  • Polyethylene, epoxy coated & stainless steel reservoirs to 5,000 gallons.

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