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Math for Molders Master Molder Injection Molding Process Training

Master Molder I – Make more parts and Money

2 weeks, 10 days, 64 hours of class, 17 hours of study, and 10 hours of practical and written exams. Master Molder I is a 2 week course..

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Slide Products Mold Metal Wipes Tub

Slide Products Mold Metal Wipes

As a larger manufacturing company, if you are shutting down production for a temporary period of time you are losing production and income. Slide Mold & Metal wipes are used instead so that machinery can be easily cleaned in the most efficient way possible..

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Tracer vm flowmeter direct with AutoReg white

Tracer VM Flowmeter from Smartflow

The Tracer®VM Base Flowmeter is a non-display sensor that provides a 0.5 to 3.5 Volt output for process flow rate and a 0.5 to 4.1 Volt output for process temperature..

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Slide ultra purge thermoplastics purge slide

What is Purging Compound – An Overview

A purging compound is a special type of product formulated for cleaning extruders and thermoplastic molding machines. Base resin and several more additives are added in this formulation to clean dies, barrel

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Dryers Plastics Process Regen Energy Savings

How to Reduce Process Heat Loss

Approximately 35% of the total power used is employed in regeneration. To ensure that you are working towards your goal of energy saving you must keep the power usage at the desiccant to the minimum. In the process of regeneration, the

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Novatec Dryer Wheel Flaking Desiccant Model

An Introduction to Resin Drying

The use of non-hygroscopic resins is slowly becoming popular among the processors and there are many molders who prefer using a resin that is free from hydration and has been warmed up to a consistent and even temperature is the best to

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Dryer Plastics Process Heat Savings Diagram

Understanding Drying Parameters

Heat is considered as the first fundamental drying parameter that can be used with any kind of polymer. Here is how heating affects hygroscopic materials & non-hygroscopic polymers. In the Hygroscopic polymers, the water

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Slide Advantages of Hot Mold Cleaner versus Cold Mold Cleaner

Advantages of Hot Mold Cleaner versus Cold Mold Cleaner

Depending upon the temperature of the mold, the process and the cleaning solvents change. Different solvents are designed to work best at different temperatures. For example, if you use a mold

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