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Established July 2012 | Celebrating 10+ Years of Service

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EMI Conveyors

Flat belt, incline, adjustable angle and Z-belt model conveyors.

Resin Dryers

Dri-Air Floor Mounted Dryer

Injection Molding Machines

All Electric, 20 – 1000 US tons

Plastics Material Handling

Dryers, Loaders, Blenders

Mold Temperature Controllers & Chillers

Portable and Central Systems Available

Dual Hopper Portable Dryers

One dryer and two hoppers provide maximum flexibility

Dri-Air Hopper Mount Dryers

Hopper Mount Dryers

From 2 – 45 pounds per hour

Multi-Hopper Bank System

Available in a wide varieties of sizes and configurations

Hot Air Systems

For non-hygroscopic resins range in size from 25 to 1500 lbs/hr

Compressed Air System – Multiple Hopper

Multi-hopper bank design with compressed air

Central Drying Systems

Can be configured with central conveyance systems to multiple machines

Mini Dryers – Desiccant, Compressed Air & Nitrogen

Mini dryer – Desiccant

From ½ ounce to 10 pounds per hour

Mini Dryer – Compressed Air

From ½ ounce to 10 pounds per hour

Mini dryer – Nitrogen

From ½ ounce to 10 pounds per hour

Compressed Air System – Single Hopper

Compressed air Hopper Mount Dryer

1 – 20 pounds per hour, -40F dry air to the drying hopper

Compressed air Portable Dryer

1 – 20 pounds per hour, -40F dry air to the drying hopper

Self Contained Loaders

DAC Compressed Air Loaders

2-150 pounds per hour for quiet, reliable operation

Novatec Vacuum Motor Loader

VL Single Phase Loaders

or conveyance of free flowing pellets or regrind from Gaylords or bags

Dri-Air GSL Brushless Motor Loader

GSL Brushless Loaders

Long life and a tilt open design for easy cleaning

Dri-Air Powder Motor Loader

VL Powder Loaders

Loaders for conveyance of powders such as PVC from moderate distances