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LaRos Conveyors

Parts Separator, Incline and Cooling Conveyors

All Designed & Made in the USA

LaRos Conveyors 510 Series Inline Robot Unload Conveyor

InLine Robot Unload Conveyors

E-Series Framework is fabricated from 7 gauge sheet steel (7XX / 9XX Models) or 10 gauge sheet steel (3XX / 5XX Models) with welded cross members. A-Series (3XX / 5XX Models only) fabricated from structural aluminum with bolted tubular cross members. This results in exceptional durability, improved operator safety, increased component protection and a more attractive appearance.

Finger Parts Separator Conveyor

THE ORIGINAL FINGER SEPARATOR, with 9 exclusive standard “Finger” and “Thumb” types, patented 3-roller design, exclusive extended separation zone, and unique agitating option provide maximum separating efficiency.

Carton and Tote Stacking Stations

LaRos offers a full line of Carton and Tote Stacking single and multi-level stations ranging from Inline Take-Away, 180 degree, Custom Space Available, and 90 degree Take Aways Systems.

Cooling Conveyor

All stainless steel construction.
Guarded blower with manual starter.
Removable cleanable dust filter.
Slant fin heat exchanger with 1/2″ NPT couplings.
Condensate trap with drain port.

Parts Separator Conveyor

Comes with Injection Molding Machine interface to control conveyor direction so you can sort good and bad parts.

Metal Detector

LaRos works with SESOTEC for their Metal Detector Conveyors so you can make sure no metal (ferrous, non-ferrous, or stainless steel) gets into your equipment or packaging.
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