SLIDE mold spray can weigh less than PPE?

Slide Mold Spray

Can weight is not the same as volume

Slide mold spray uses a lighter weight formulation, so the can is lighter.
Yet, the math shows the Slide can has 14 fluid ounces, and the competitor has 10 fluid ounces.
The Slide can is completely full.
The math shows the can on the right is actually only 70% full.

It has been nearly 5 years since Slide’s product reformulation that eliminated all chlorinated solvents from our product line. But we continue to see customers and prospects who are confused by the lighter weight of some Slide cans.

Weight is not volume

Let me again try to reassure everybody that Slide continues to fill up our aerosol cans to the maximum fill volume allowed by DOT regulations. So even though some of our cans weigh less than before, it is because the solvents we now use weigh less then the ingredients we used in previous formulations.

Another way to demonstrate this is by thinking in terms of a loaf of white bread versus wheat bread. Often, the loaf of whole grain wheat bread is smaller than the loaf of white, but due to the density of the ingredients, the smaller wheat bread will weigh far more than the lighter white bread.

PPE Spray cans weight

Compare cans, Slide Mold Spray and PPE

Slide Products Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4

Here is a specific competitive mold cleaning product that we continue to see in the market that is heavier than the Slide mold cleaner. The PPE MC-16 (Mold Cleaner) can weighs 16 net weight ounces compared to the 10 net weight ounces offered in Slide’s Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 formulation. Is PPE offering 60% more product that weare? Absolutely not!!

Do the math

The solvent used by PPE is named Tetrachloroethylene (aka Perchlorethylene). The density of this material is 1.623, which means that for every fluid ounce of liquid product, it will weigh 1.623 net weight ounces. So a 16 net weight ounce can of the PPE product contains just under 10 fluid ounces of the solvent (10 fluid ounces X 1.623 weight ounces = the 16 net weight of the full can). Slide’s mold cleaner formulation uses a solvent combination that has a far lower weight density of .675 ounces per fluid ounce of volume.

So a 14 fluid ounce fill of our formulation equates to a lower net weight of just 9.45 ounces (14 X .675). Even though Slide’s product weighs less, the math factually proves that our can is offering more volume and liquid product than the “comparable” PPE MC-16. In fact, PPE is short filling their cans and actually only offering a can that is around 70% full, while Slide’s is reaching the maximum volume that a can is allowed to be filled to.

So try not to let your customers be persuaded into incorrectly thinking that a heavier automatically translates into offering them more usable product. And please contact us if we can ever help explain this to your customers.

Try before you buy

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