Required Info for quoting a Plastics Granulator/Grinder

Required Info for quoting a Grinder

The goal is to understand the load that will be placed on both the blades and the motor. We will need this information to complete a quote for your Granulator /Recycling Grinder. Below we’ve explained why we need each piece of information and why it is helpful.

Rapid Grinder VA 200-48 Feed tray


Material Type (plus additives)

  • It is helpful for us to understand the material type so we can understand the flow characteristics and bulk density properties.
  • We also need to understand if you are using commodity or engineered grade materials and additives (glass, ceramics, etc) to understand hardness characteristics (for blade wear).

Throughput rate (pounds per hour) for your Grinder

  • The Granulator/Recycling Grinders can be hand-fed, conveyor-fed, and robot-fed. Knowing your expected throughput rate (weight of the part x number of parts per hour) will help us understand the overall load that will be placed on the grinder and its motor.The
  • This also helps us to properly size the motor (in HP).

If you’re stuck, use the throughput calculator on’s website

Rapid Grinder Equipment Selector

Will the parts be hand-fed, conveyor fed, or robot fed?

  • This helps us to configure the unit with the proper receiving hopper; conveyor fed hoppers will face the ground, where robot fed hoppers have more of a vertical opening..

Do you foresee an operator loading parts one at a time or dumping? What would be ideal for you and your plant setup?

  • This helps us understand the process your operator has for loading parts into the unit.
  • This allows us to properly size the motor
  • If you are conveyor loading, it is still helpful for us to understand how you will be loading the conveyor (keep in mind our over-torque option for controlling the conveyor and protecting the grinder)
  • If you are robot loading, you may disregard

What is the desired screen size?

  • Knowing you the screen size to put on the unit helps us to understand the size of the plastic that you require at the output of your machine.
  • Keep this in mind when considering the flow/melt characteristics of introducing regrind back into your process.

Please provide/note rough part dimensions, LxWxH and wall thickness

  • This helps us understand how to size the opening to make sure the unit can be loaded efficiently (hand, conveyor, or robot) and that the parts will not bounce back out..

Please provide image of part to fit in your Grinder

  • Seeing the part helps us understand what we are dealing with.

Please note if you plan to load purged material into this piece of equipment

  • Understanding if you are going to be loading purged material into your Granulator/Recycling  grinder can be crucial. Typically units are sized based on the part dimensions and characteristics.
  • If you throw purge into a unit not properly sized for it the motor may not be large enough to handle the load. Planning ahead is best.

Please note if you would like evacuation of regrind to a gaylord setup included

  • What are you going to do with the regrind as it is produced? Will it be pulled back into a loader using a proportioning valve, will you evacuate the material into a gaylord? We can help either way..

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