Required Info for quoting a Dryer

Required Info for quoting a Plastics Dryer

Dri-Air is amongst the top equipment manufacturers of resin dryers for the plastics industry. Dri-Air is a family of plastics material handling equipment that consists of Plastics Drying, Plastics Conveying and Plastics Blending products to design and install complete Central Plastics Drying and Conveying Systems.

Dri-Air Hopper Mount Dryers

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We will need this information to complete a quote for your dryer. Below we’ve explained why we need each piece of information and why it is helpful.

Virgin Material Type

It is helpful for us to understand the material type so we can understand the flow characteristics and bulk density properties.

This also helps us consider if we need to add options to prevent overdrying sensitive materials.

Bulk Density

Allows us to understand the flow characteristics as well as how much room the material will take up in the hopper. If the flow rate is high, we may need a larger sized hopper.

Dry time (hours)

The amount of time required to dry your material. This in conjunction with bulk density of the material and throughput rate, will help us to size the hopper.

Dry temp (F)

What is the required temperature of the hopper for the material you are using to be adequately dried in the given time window allotted (based on hopper size and machine material consumption, or throughput rate).

Throughput rate (pounds per hour)

This in conjunction with knowing the bulk density of the material will help us to understand how large the dryer hopper needs to be to allow the material enough exposure to heat before it reaches the machine throat.

Machine mount or floor stand mount

This helps us understand how to configure the dryer if you are looking for a mobile or machine mounted dryer.

For example – If you require a floor or mobile dryer on a membrane style dryer (ND model), we will need to add a floor stand with casters. If you require the ND to be machine mounted, we will configure it to accommodate your setup.

Will you need a loader for the dryer

This helps us understand how many loaders you will need to complete the material drying/loading process.

For example – If you require a mobile dryer desiccant wheel style unit, you will potentially need 2 loaders; 1 loader for the dryer hopper and 1 loader for the machine throat (either site glass or hopper mount).

If floor-stand mount, will you need a loader for the machine throat?

See explanation above.

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