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Advantage Engineering increases the profitability of industrial manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries by developing and manufacturing innovative industrial process cooling heat transfer equipment including water chillers, temperature controller units and evaporative cooling towers.

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We will need this information to complete a quote for your Temperature Controller. Below we’ve explained why we need each piece of information and why it is helpful.

Material Type

  • This information is not required, but can be helpful to help us understand your overall process; in the case you are running engineer grade materials and/or have a high temp process.

Material Throughput Rate (lbs/hr or pph)

  • This helps us to understand the cooling cycles and the demand this will have on the temperature control unit. Also consider where the machine throat temperature is critical and the unit is required to keep up with the cycle.

Fluid Temp Required (F) from Temperature Controller?

  • This helps us understand which unit to provide as some have temperature limits.

Flow Rate (gpm)

  • This will help us understand how to size the pump on the unit being quoted and if it can keep up based on the cycle time of the machine and the line sizes on the cooling channels of the mold.

Pressure Required (psi)

  • Your cooling circuit may require a certain amount of pressure to satisfy flow on each cooling channel, cooling designs and modifications may change flow characteristics which require our unit to provide more pressure.

Number of Cooling Channels

  • Knowing the number of cooling channels on your tool/mold will help us to understand the circuit and overall flow requirements for the unit based on the size of motor that will be specified.

Channel Diameter (inches)

  • Knowing the channel diameter will help us to understand the flow characteristics on the overall circuit.

Temp of Cooling Water (F)

  • This is the temperature of the cooling water from your chiller or tower water being supplied to the machine. This helps us to understand the overall process better.

Pressure of Cooling Water (F)

  • This is the pressure of the water coming from your chiller or water tower. This helps us to understand the overall process better.

Source of Cooling Water

  • Where is your cool water coming from; chiller, glycol, tower water, other?

Weight of Tool (lbs)

  • This helps us to get an approximate understand on the size of the tool which correlates into the amount of time the temperature controller will need to bring the tool up to the required process temp. We can then size the size of the heater in the unit.

Voltage required (#/3/60, #/1/60)

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