New Product Announcement – 3rd Generation Power Tower™

new advantage power tower

Advantage is excited to announce the introduction of the 3rd generation Power Tower™. This all-new design improves on the 34 year performance history of the Advantage Power Tower™ cooling tower.

Here is what is new and notable about the new Power Tower™

  • New; 1-piece seamless bottom eliminates the risk of splitting.
  • New; Manufactured using a closed molding process that is more environmentally friendly and creates a much stronger, more consistent, and more dimensionally stable part with smooth interior and exterior surfaces.
  • New; galvanized steel base on 170-ton, 210-ton & 270-ton models. (Old multi-cell base was painted)
  • Still uses a galvanized steel base on single cell models.
  • Available in 45, 85, 105, 135, 170, 210 & 270-ton nominal cooling capacities.
    • Note: 315, 405 and 540-ton models are no longer offered.
  • Uses the same proven fan, fan motor, fill and nozzles as the previous legacy tower cells.
  • New; External perimeter drip gutter minimizes water loss.
  • New; Model number nomenclature…for example PT-135G3 (135-ton tower cell).

Click below for new Power Tower™ cooling tower literature.

The old legacy cooling towers are no longer available but are still fully supported with available replacement parts

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