Plastics Processing Cooling Load Survey Form

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Quoting New System

When quoting a new cooling Tower or Chiller System, it is important to understand the true plant-wide cooling load. Especially since you’ve probably added machines since the last system was purchased; or to say, you’re sometimes close to, or above capacity on which the system was sized for.

Once we all understand the true cooling load, we can begin to strategize on the optimal setup; chiller vs tower, open vs closed loop, etc.

Troubleshooting Existing System

When troubleshooting an existing cooling tower or chiller for plant-wide process cooling, it is helpful to fill out this survey which will quickly help you identify a true sense of capacity and how close the system is running compared to it.


Download either one of the forms based on the process (injection vs extrusion) you’re surveying for below and open the file in excel to begin collecting data on your plant-wide cooling load.

Toyo Si6S 150ton injection molding machine

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