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So the time has come when winter finally transitions into the spring and summer months. Sure, the start of January is not the ideal time for this, but in the manufacturing industry, one must keep themselves updated with all the adversities that a new season may bring. So when you have to stop the healthy working of heavy machinery for maintenance, have you ever considered:

Is there a better solution to my problem? There is!

Use Wipes As Your Preferred Cleaning Method! Slide Products Mold Metal Wipes Tub

  • No chlorinated solvents
  • Pre-saturated cleaning towels
  • Quickly removes and releases, grease, oil and more
  • Replaces hazardous cleaning solutions
  • Use for preparing molds for production or storage
  • Touch-up cleaning during production
  • Surface prep prior to secondary operations
  • General maintenance and all-purpose cleaning

*Pre-test on non-metal surfaces. 


  • What differentiates these wipes from others?
  • We are a large manufacturing company and temporarily shut down to clean our heavy machinery. How do these wipes prevent that?


As a larger manufacturing company, if you are shutting down production for a temporary period of time you are losing production and income. Slide Mold & Metal wipes are used instead so that machinery can be easily cleaned in the most efficient way possible.


Unlike many other mold cleaners, Slide Mold & Metal wipes are not chlorinated. You see, the problem with chlorine-based solvents is that they pose a risk of brooding cancer cells within your body.

Yes, that’s right. Breathing in the fumes emitted by chlorinated solvents can cause numerous forms of cancer such as laryngeal and pharyngeal. These wipes take it a bit further and provide you the least toxic and most hygienic cleaning.

Slide Mold & Metal wipes are specifically designed to give you the best cleaning experience while also ensuring that your health stays optimum, so you can focus on much more important things.


Well, this is a hard one. Where do we begin? Slide Mold & Metal wipes can have so many uses we can’t even count them on our fingers. Below is a list of uses:

  • Used to effectively clean rust off from molds and heavy machinery
  • Wipes oils and other unsanitary particles from tubes and pipes
  • Saves time on cleaning machinery with ordinary maintenance methods
  • Saves valuable sales and productions that could have been lost due to untimely shutdown
  • Can be easily stored and moved around
  • No electricity/utility bills


For getting rid of deeper rust deposits, Slide has a variety of heavy duty products:


Slide Mold & Metal wipes are a great addition to your production company. They are easy to use and more efficient than typical cleaning methods.



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