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Established 2012 | Celebrating 12 Years of Service


All Electric Vertical (Rotary) and Horizontal Injection Molding Machines

Horizontal and All-Servo Rotary Vertical Machines

TOYO Electric Injection Molding Machine

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

The Si-6 series provides a SMART solution to the ever-complicated injection molding process. 20 US ton – 1,500 US ton

Vertical Molding Machine

The ET-HR series features the speed of a rotary machine combined with the operability of a horizontal injection molding machine, resulting in top-class response. 45 US ton, 90 US ton, 150 US ton

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Our Customers Say


Our very 1st and 2nd Molding Machines

We had most of our work done by a molder until we built our new cleanroom and installed two TOYO’s. They are running great and looking forward to expanding.

John Donahue Genicon, Orlando


TOYO Beat Competitor in Machine Trial

A couple years back we did a machine trial between TOYO and Competitor. The TOYO won by a long shot and we’ve bought machines since and appreciate the support

Patrick McCarthy DENTSPLY, Sarasota


We Needed more Reliable Service

We needed better service and Competitor was not delivering so we decided to take a chance with TOYO and have bought multiple machines since. Thanks for taking care of us!

Milton Murphy Molex, Pinellas Park


We came back to what Works

We have been running TOYO since the Plastar models and they’re still kicking. We needed an upgrade as we tried other machines since. We’re happy to be back with TOYO, they run great!

Dale Bell Advanced Air, West Palm Beach


We came back to what Works

Attempting to meet high demands for our product we needed to run a machine that had the service we needed and was big enough for our mold while maintaining quality standards for our customer.

Ron Walters Precision Products, Sarasota


TOYO Outperforms

Been around the block and worked on a lot of different machines, TOYO stands out above the rest both in performance (frankly a work horse) and the customer service/support. Thanks TOYO

Mike Leporati Sarasota Precision (SPE), Sarasota

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Steven Fage, Principal

Sales Engineer, servicing Florida since July 2012. Send me your request and ill get back with you within 24 hours.

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