Sentra Series Water Temperature Control Units

literature advantage sentra

Since its introduction in 1991 and with over 40,000 units in service worldwide,
Sentra Temperature Control Units with their advanced design & technology
continue to prove why they are relied upon by a wide variety of industries that
require fluid temperature control.

  • Temptender® – T-Series, G – Series, VE – Series
  • Low Watt density long life heater
  • High flow centrifugal pump & motor assembly
  • Exclusive precision controlled(modulating AVT™ cooling valve:
    T&G series) & (solenoid cooling valve:
    VE series & 300°F models)
  • Across process diagnostic pressure gauges
  • Temperature sensor
  • 10 foot power cord
  • Compact electrical panel
  • Heater contactor
  • Water supply pressure switch
  • Dual zone dolly
  • Stacking stand
  • Mold or Process purge
  • Beacon and/or high dB audible alarm
  • Non-Ferrous components
  • Custom unit designs
  • Closed circuit system
  • More options!
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