VL Vacuum Loader

VL Series: 1.5 to 38 lb (0.7 to 17 Kg) capacity

Reduce labor and resin waste with self-contained, vacuum transfer of plastic
pellets and regrinds over short distances using powerful single-phase vacuum
motors. Standar models are made for flange mounting to existing bins or hoppers.

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Remote-mount Mini PLC
  • “No-Load” Alarm and Silencer Button
  • Easy Access Modular Design
  • Automatic, Pulsed Blowback Filter Cleaning with Accumulator
  • Machine Mount VL’s


  • Many premium features not found on other loaders
  • Popular accessories for Vacuum loaders and options
  • Mini-PLC control controls all loading functions
Toyo 250ton molding machine

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