Novatec NPC Series Mini Servo Puller/Cutters

NPC Series: 2″ x 12″, 3″ x 20″ & 4″x20″ with 1″ cutter.
1 base/1 control with optimal configurations.

Mini Servo Puller/Cutters with standard features that are optional on other brands,
providing superior product consistency.

  • Siemens Color Touch Screen PLC control with connectivity

Mini Puller Overview

  • Servo motor drive
  • Multi-V Drive pulleys and traction belts
  • Helical bevel gear reducer
  • Multi-product use
  • Drive belt

Mini Rotary Knife Cutter Overview

  • Multiple cutting modes
  • Scrap cut technology
  • Lubricant reservoirs
  • Blade lubricant reservoir
  • Blade holder
  • Integrated safety interlock
Toyo 250ton molding machine

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