Required Info for quoting a Feeder

Required Info for quoting a Feeder

Novatec, Inc. is the largest U.S. based manufacturer of resin dryers for the plastics industry. Novatec is a family of plastics material handling equipment which consists of Plastics Drying, Plastics Conveying and Plastics Blending with Downstream Extrusion Products to design and install complete Central Plastics Drying and Conveying Systems.

Novatec Gravimetric Plastics Feeder

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We will need this information to complete a quote for your feeder. Below we’ve explained why we need each piece of information and why it is helpful.

Virgin Material Type (or regrind)

  • It is helpful for us to understand the material type so we can understand the flow characteristics and bulk density properties. We also need to understand if you are using regrind. This will affect what kind of valve gates we use to add material into the weigh scales

Bulk Density

  • Allows us to understand the flow characteristics as well as how much room the material will take up in the hopper. If the flow rate is high, we may need a larger sized hopper.

Total throughput rate (pounds per hour)

  • Based on the total throughput rate and the percentages, we are able to understand the requirements of the blender and can provide the best solution.

Number of components being blended?

  • This helps us to determine which model blender to start with.

Feeder Component 1 – VIRGIN

Feeder Component 1, percentage (%) –

Feeder Component 2 (regrind OR color) –

  • It is important for us to understand if you plan to use regrind in the blender and what kind of material regrind you will be using. This helps us understand flow characteristics as well as valve gate design.

Feeder Component 2, percentage (%) –

Will you need a loader for the unit? (usually compressed air)

  • This helps us understand if we need to quote a loader for the feeder hopper.

 Are you considering a volumetric or gravimetric unit?

  • Gravimetric feeders have many advantages over volumetric; some of the major differences include accuracy and price of the unit. See our literature section to compare the two models.


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