Required Info for quoting a Hopper Loader

Required Info for quoting a Hopper Loader

Dri-Air GSL Brushless Motor Loader

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We will need this information to complete a quote for your loader. Below we’ve explained why we need each piece of information and why it is helpful.

Will the unit be a self-contained loader, or a receiver connected to a central vacuum pump?

  • This helps us understand if the unit will be self-contained or need to be connected to a central conveying controller.
  • Self-contained units have their own vacuum motor and controls on the loader.
  • A receiver connects to a central vacuum pump for air and a central conveying controller for receiving signals to actuate the valves.

Virgin Material Type (or regrind)

  • It is helpful for us to understand the material type so we can understand the flow characteristics and bulk density properties. We also need to understand if you are using regrind.

Bulk Density

  • Allows us to understand the flow characteristics as well as how much room the material will take up in the hopper. If the flow rate is high, we may need a larger sized hopper.

Total throughput rate (pounds per hour)

  • Based on the total throughput rate and bulk density, we are able to understand the requirements of the loader hopper and motor size so we provide you a unit that can keep up with your process.

Ratio/Proportioning Valve required?

  • Are you running regrind and want to add some to your process without using a blender? This is often useful when grinding runners and pulling the regrind back into the machine throat.

Line Size required?

  • This helps us understand what inlet/outlet sizes to put on the loader as well as the actual flex line and wand that is supplied with the loader.

Distance from material source?

  • This helps us understand the distance the loader will need to convey the material to the machine. If too far we may need to upsize the loader so a larger vacuum motor can assist.

Will the unit be throat mount or hopper mount?

  • This will change the model number and mounting configuration. The loader can be site glass mounted, throat mounted, or hopper mounted.
  • Sometimes magnets are in the stack assembly and need to be considered (which we can provide as well through Sesotec).

Any additional requirements? (brush motor vs brushless, blowback)

Please let us know if there is anything we missed. Also include any kind of obstructions or machine/process requirements.

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