Required Info for quoting a Central Material Conveying System

Required Info for quoting a Central Material Conveying System

Novatec, Inc. is the largest U.S. based manufacturer of resin dryers for the plastics industry. Novatec is a family of plastics material handling equipment which consists of Plastics Drying, Plastics Conveying and Plastics Blending with Downstream Extrusion Products to design and install complete Central Plastics Drying and Conveying Systems.


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We will need this information to complete a quote for your dryer. Below we’ve explained why we need each piece of information and why it is helpful.

Plant Layout

  • Is important for us to see conveying distances that will be required
    • Note the location of existing vacuum pumps
    • Note the location of each destination
    • Include distances from source(s) to destination(s)
      • Processing equipment
      • Surge Bins
      • Drying hoppers
      • etc
    • What is the rate of consumption at each destination
  • Make note of existing equipment and note desired equipment (for quoting)

Existing Equipment vs Needed Equipment

  • Make sure to include your current understanding of what you would like added to your existing system (if current) and then note what is required to update your system


  • What kind of material are you using?
  • How many materials are you using?
  • What are the max rates for each material?
  • Are you running regrind?

This helps us size equipment as well as implement proper line sizes and types.


Surge Bins 2

Note the location of each location for material storage

  • Will you be using indoor silos or surge bins?
  • Will you be using outdoor silos?
  • Will you be installing outdoor silos?


Put all this information together and we have enough information to identify what equipment to quote from specs and size, to placement. Rates, distances, and locations are they key pieces of information we’ll need to get started.

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