Production Monitoring and Process Control on TOYO

Production Monitoring from Maruka USA

T-Station Lite 2.0

T-Station Lite 2.0 allows for monitoring and production control of up to 32 presses with each system.

Production Monitoring System Features:

  • Access by SmartPhone, Tablet or PC
  • Graphic Data Saved for Every Cycle
  • Remote Access to Machine Screens
  • Alarm Log Access
  • Last Change Log Access
  • Plant View
  • All Molding Data for Every Cycle saved to your PC
  • Email Notifications for Set Preferences
  • An Output of All Molding Conditions
  • Trend Graphic Display
  • Quality and Production Control
  • Multiple Languages

Machine Features:

  • HSP (Highly-Sensitive Protection Hold Protection System
  • V-Mode Control
  • New Power Consumption Monitor
  • Fill only Feature
  • High Speed Resin/Color Change
  • “Just Pack” Mode Control
  • “Meltcon” Option
  • Molding Condition Analyzing Function

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Toyo Si6S 150ton injection molding machine

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