Advantages of Hot Mold Cleaner versus Cold Mold Cleaner

Advantages of Hot Mold Cleaner versus Cold Mold Cleaner

As important as it is to clean your mold for effective injection molding operation, it is equally important to use the right method and the right tool for the cleaning. Molds are either cleaned cold (that is, when they are offline and at room temperature) or they are cleaned hot (that is, when they are inline and in the press).

Depending upon the temperature of the mold, the process and the cleaning solvents change. Different solvents are designed to work best at different temperatures. For example, if you use a mold cleaner for cleaning a cold mold (i.e. at room temperature), the solvent that is best for it is one that evaporates easily post-cleaning. However, if you use the same cleaner on a hot mold, it won’t be able to clean at all and will evaporate in a split second.

Similarly, a solvent meant for hot mold cleaning will not be effective for cleaning at room temperatures. Thus it is important to choose your solvent wisely to avoid excessive efforts and wasting time.

Cold Mold Cleaner:

The main objective of cold mold cleaning is to dissolve grease, resins, oil, mold release and rust. Cold slide mold cleaners have a rapid evaporation rate. The heaviest rust or greasing on a cold mold can be cleaned using these solvents in one cycle of spray from top to bottom. However, mold releases and resins might demand some scrubbing with a cloth saturated with the solvent.

Some advantages of cold mold solvents are:

• Lint-free and sterile cleaning
• The cloth has the right amount of cleaning solvent (due to being lint-free)
• Non-hazardous usage
• Easy to use & offers precision

Hot Mold Cleaner:

Unlike offline cleaning, hot mold cleaner fights stubborn issues like mold release build up, resin plate out or rusting on the mold. In the case of excessive resin plate out the chances of deformation of a particular area may happen. It’s important to perform cleaning in time to prevent that type of condition. Hot cleaning solvents have a lower evaporation rate. This ensures that the solvent stays on the surface for a long time, working effectively on the resins.

Check and Buy:

It is recommended to check the solvent type before buying. If you are wondering if this product will work on your process, you can request a free sample kit by filling out your information in the online quoting form and select “mold spray sample”.

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