An Introduction to Resin Drying

The Basics of Resin Drying

Plastic materials tend to trap moisture during different levels of processing. This presence of moisture (too much or too little) can be problematic in the advanced processes, therefore, to ensure that there are adequate levels of moisture in the plastic, expert processors practice the processor dehumidifying of resins. Mostly, processors recommend using pre-dry resins that have high hygroscopic value, however; there are many others who face trouble because they lack the knowledge of the basic vocabulary of resin drying.

Resin Drying & Effects of Moisture:

The effects of moisture on the quality of the plastic part or mold under process depend upon the plastics resin in use and the proposed use of the part/mold. In the case of improper or incomplete drying, it is assured that the final product will come out defective. Even the raw material would offer problems due to incomplete or improper drying. These problems can occur during the process or when the product is ready for use, at times, both.

The use of non-hygroscopic resins is slowly becoming popular among the processors and there are many molders who prefer using a resin that is free from hydration and has been warmed up to a consistent and even temperature is the best to use for the process and offer incredible results. This helps in preventing the hydration of non-hygroscopic pellets. However, understanding the importance of moisture & practicing methods for its removal is what a great molder knows the best.

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All these topics will be covered under “Drying Basics” a guide that makes it easy to understand the different dehumidifying character of plastic materials. It also explains in detail, the consequences of the improper & inefficient drying process.

There are different types of processes and apparatus used for resin drying. Even the fundamentals of drying are different for hydroscopic & non-hydroscopic materials. We will discuss this in details in our coming sections.

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