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Still using those catalog company sprays? SLIDE products have more active ingredient per ounce making them more effective and safe to use on your expensive molds.

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Advanced Process Training (Master Molder)

Injection Molding Process Training
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Automation, Robots & End Of Arm Tooling

Yushin Robot for Injection Molding RCII-250
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Electric Molding Machine

Toyo 250ton molding machine
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Fluid Distribution (manifolds & sensors)

Smartflow Duoflow Water Manifolds
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Grinders & Shredders

Rapid Grinder VA 200-48 Feed tray
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Hydraulic Molding Machine

FCS Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine Toggle FA-160
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In-Mold Sensors & eDarts

RJG eDART with components
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Material Handling Equipment

Novatec Plastics Dryer NWB-50 NC DC FL
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Maintenance Mold Sprays & Purge

Slide Products Family
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Metal Detection & Separation

SESOTEC Rapid Vario Metal Separator
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Off-line Assembly & Inspection Systems

RND Automation Customer Automation Hydraulic valve load unload station
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Parts Conveyors

LaRos Conveyors 510 Series Inline (Robot-Unload) Conveyor
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Process Cooling Equipment (water)

Advantage Chiller Process Cooling Titan
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Process Training (Injection Molding)

Maruka Injection Molding Process Training
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Screws, Tips, & Barrels

Reiloy Screws Tips and Barrels
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Yushin Robot Training (online)

Yushin University Online Training org