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Maruka Machinery Co., Ltd. parent company of Maruka USA, was established in 1946 in Osaka, Japan. Several years later and nearly 50 years ago a United States subsidiary with the similar objective was also established in 1968 which was to become Maruka U.S.A. Inc. Since then, Maruka USA has been serving the manufacturing industry with the best metal cutting, plastic processing and fabrication equipment for over a half a century.

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Increased Production

High Speed and High Precision Injection Makes a Difference in Quality Molding. New SYSTEM 700 Control Unit Full Redesigned Control Hardware Delivers Higher Speed and Greater Response, Bring Control to a New Dimension

  • Stable Plastication Pressure
  • Low Friction Sliding Contact of Injection Unit
  • V Mode Injection control [Adjusted response function]
  • Just Pack Control [High-precision holding pressure control]
  • Molding navigation function [Molding condition input support and diagnosis function]

Low Energy Consumption and High Eco-Efficiency with energy consumption monitor, see image to left. Originally developed PLASTAR GREASE and lubricant-saving design clamping force in the center of the mold.

Increase Quality

The Fruits of Academic-Industrial Cooperation have been inherited by the Si6 series. Innovative V-Shaped toggle clamp is the solution to apply clamping force in the center of mold. Highly rigid, Slim die plate design based on optimization analysis of conventional machines..

Less Downtime

With 9 technical centers and 4 major showrooms in New Jersey, Chicago, Kansas City and Los Angeles, Maruka USA is committed to offering clients the most comprehensive service experience available.

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