FCS, Fu Chun Shin, was founded in 1974 and currently has 528 Employees. It is the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan. All machines for the US Market are built in the Taiwan Plant using Japanese components.

Major FCS customers include Starbucks, Stanley, Honda, and Panasonic.

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Increase Profits

The dynamically controlled servo system is equipped with a pressure feedback monitoring device for high precision and sensitivity. The close-loop design allows precision control, shorter cycle times and improved production efficiency.

FCS can do high-speed applications and two component applications.

Increase Quality

FCS machine movement is precisely controlled even at low pressure and flow rates with variations less than 0.5 percent. The semi-close loop hydraulic system can produce part weight error in the range of 0.4 – 0.7 percent.

Decrease Energy Costs

Under the ideal working conditions, power consumption is reduced by 40%, when compared to that of variable displacement and 70% less than that of fixed displacement pumps in an effort to become more energy efficient.

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