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Dri-Air Powder Motor Loader

VLP Powder Vacuum Loaders

Dri-Air VLP Powder vacuum loaders provide self-contained vacuum transfer of plastic powders and dusty regrind over moderate distances.

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Dri-Air Powder Motor Loader

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Dri-Air Powder Vacuum Loader

1.5 to 38 lb. (2.2 to 17 kg.) Capacity

Based on 38 lb/ft³ material density.

VLP loaders provide self-contained vacuum transfer of plastic powders and dusty
regrind over moderate distances.

  • Stainless Steel modular construction
  • Effectively loads powders down to 1 micron
  • Washable filter elements
  • Easy access to interior
  • Internal material Deflector/Flapper check valve with seal
  • Remote mount mini PLC control”no-Load” alarm and silence button
  • Air evacuation Sub-base


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Steven helped us implement a full cell from the FCS molding machine, Yushin picker, and TempTek chiller. Everything worked great and he was on top of everything, we felt supported. Thank you

Brad Kapper

Processing Engineer, SeaSucker

We were having trouble with our current IMM supplier. It was a relief to have Steven from Five Nines showing up and supporting us. We decided to switch to TOYO as a result. Thanks for the support.

Milton Murphy

Molding Supervisor, Molex

“Steven and I attended Master Molder I class together and have been working together since. I really appreciate all of the time and effort the team at Five Nines puts into providing their services.”

Andres Mora

Processing Engineer, Microtech

“We purchased our first two injection mold machines from TOYO and Five Nines. Their industry expertise has helped us continue to improve our production. They are competitive pricing and outstanding customer service is why we will be purchasing more machines from Five Nines in the future.”

John Donohue

Processing Engineer, Genicon

“I have dealt with many reps as I’ve built my company and Five Nines delivers consistent and honest sales support and service. We look forward to implementing our new Fast Tie Ejector system from Smartflow.”

Adam Rimer

Owner, Rimer and Rimer

We’ve had used TOYO’s for years. Then we started buying new from TOYO and Five Nines, we have since purchased more and appreciate their service and quality.

Patrick McCarthy

Plant Manager, DENTSPLY

We recently purchased multiple chillers from Advantage and Five Nines. They were very competitive and we are happy with the equipment.

Mike Heinz

Molding Manager, Arthrex

We’ve purchased many robots and a couple automation cells from Yushin and Five Nines, they’re quality and support has kept us competitive.

Joe Lane

Molding Manager, Cardinal Health