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Custom Automation Systems

Assembly and Welding

Our assembly machines range in size from tabletop, semi-automatic units to multimillion dollar, multi-station assembly machines. Our welding machinery experience includes braid-to-bimetal, braid to shunt and braid solidification machines, and even servo welding.

Test, Measurement, and Inspection

After your product is assembled you need to ensure that it’s functional. RND Automation has extensive experience in the field of testing and inspection. Most testing and inspection operations can be integrated into the assembly process and reject parts can be removed from the process immediately so that value added functions are not preformed on rejected parts.

Robotic Workcells

RND can design and manufacture a robotic system that handles our most challenging assignment. We specialize in getting the most out of your robotic application including using the robot for multiple tasks or by using multiple end of arm tools (EOAT).

RND has experience with Epson, FANUC, MotoMan, Intelligent Actuator, Adept, Denso, & Staubli robots. RND will find the right robot for your application.

Rotary & Indexing Machines

Typically the most efficient way to get high production volumes and to produce parts at a high speed is to use a rotary or linear indexing machine. By performing simultaneous actions on a number of parts the cycle time is reduced. Whether it is a rotary indexing dial or a linear power and free conveyor, RND Automation can design and build a machine that allows you to assemble complex parts at speeds of up to 120 parts per minute and in some cases even faster.

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