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Moretto Material Handling Equipment

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Moretto Venturi Loaders

Venturi Hopper Loaders

Venturi System, Stainless Steel Body, DUO Version

Moretto Single Phase Loaders

Single Phase Hopper Loaders

Silent < 76dB, Soft Start, Discharge Valve w/gasket

Moretto High Productivity Receivers

High Productivity Receivers

Compact Version, Vortex Effect, +30% Productivity cyclone effect

Moretto Suction Units

Suction Units

High Efficiency, Performance and Reliability, Modular

Moretto Central Conveying Systems

Centralized Conveying System

Flexible, Super Reliable

Moretto Dolphin Material Source Manifold


Flexible, Tailor Made


Moretto Hot Air Dryers

Hot Air Dryers

Easy Viewer Control, Solid State Relay, Inside Back Filter

Moretto Mini Dryers

Mini Dryers

Dew Point up to -52C, Constant, Self-Adaptive Airflow

Moretto Drying Systems

Drying Systems

Dew Point -75C, Variable Airflow, Anti-stress System

Moretto Insulated Hoppers

Insulated Hoppers

Uniform Drying, Efficiency +66%, Spyro Shockproof

Moretto Flowmatik Drying System


Air-O-Dynamic, Optimized Energy Usage, Anti-stress System

Moretto Mobile Dryer Configurations

Mobile/Dryer Configurations

Compact, Mobile, Single Hopper & Centralized Control Options

Moretto Crystalizers


Mixer Flexible Coupling, Openable Cone < 2 min., Airfoil Mixing Blade

Moretto Mould Dryers

Mould Dryers

Dew Point from -5C to -15C, Performance Rotor, Stainless Steel Construction

Moretto Pre Cyclone Filters

Pre-Cyclone Filters

Stainless Steel Construction, Cyclone Efficiency 20um, Removable Dust Bin

Dosing & Blending

Moretto Micro Batch Dosing

Micro Batch Dosing

Simple Percentage Settings, 100 Recipes Memory, ROTO-PULSE Microdosing

Moretto Volumetric Dosing Unit

Volumetric Dosing Unit

Simple Percentage Setting, Inclined Feeding Screw, TouchView Control

Moretto Continuous Loss in Weight Color Feeder

Continuous Loss-In-Weight Color Feeder

High Precision, On-The-Go Recipe Changeover, Suitable for all plastics processes

Moretto Batch Gravimetric Dosing Unit

Batch Gravimetric Dosing Unit

Up to 12,000 kg/h, Up to 12 components, Can do flakes

Moretto Continuous Loss In Weight Batch Blender

Continuous Loss-In-Weight Batch Blender

On-The-Go Recipe Changeover, Removable Inclined Mixer, Vibration Immunity System

Moretto Continuous Loss In Weight Multi Component Dosing System

Continuous Loss-In-Weight Multi-Component Dosing System

High Dosing Accuracy, Vibration Immunity System, Quick Start and Changeover


Moretto Uni Blade Grinder with Variable Speed Rotor

Uni-Multi-Blade Grinders

Scissor Cut, Greedy Cutting Chamber, Insulated Stainless Steel Hopper

Moretto Uni Blade Grinder with Variable Speed Rotor

Uni-Multi Blade Grinder w/Variable Speed Rotor

Variable Rotor Speed, Scissor Cut, Insulated Stainless Steel Hopper

Moretto Grinders


Low Speed Grinding, Auto Reverse System, No Dust

Moretto Fan Cyclone

Fan – Cyclone

Soundproof Fan, Inspectable Cyclone, Presets for all Applications

Moretto Roto Dust Separator

Roto Dust – Dust Separator

Non-Toxic Material, Mechanical Washing, Countercurring Washing by Air

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