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Servo Hydraulic Toggle and Two Platen Injection Molding Machines

Servo Hydraulic Toggle and 2-Platen Injection Molding Machine

FCS Injection Molding Machine

The Brand New FA Series features a 70% power savings over a conventional hydraulic fixed pump system. The 12″ touch screen interface uses an all-new KEBA control system for high repeatability and quick responses.

FCS can do high-speed applications and two component applications.

Servo Hydraulic 2-Platten Injection Molding

The LA-SV series is FCS’s space and energy saving two-platen line. The LV-SV series has a larger mold clamping stroke and capacity for products with greater depth.

KEBA Controls

The hardware of the i2000 series consists of high-performance, single-board computer with scalable performance level. I/O modules or electric drives are coupled via the integrated, high-speed, real-time EtherCAT bus.

  • For hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric injection molding machines
  • Modular hardware on Intel Atom basis
  • 12” SVGA up to 15” XGA TFT displays in portrait and landscape format
  • Comprehensive quality data package

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FCS, it’s Worth It.


Works well in our Custom Shop

We’re currently running 3 FCS molding machines that replaced some of our old Arburgs. All running great and really happy with the new KEBA controller..

Darryl Crowe Legacy Custom Plastics

Perfect for our process

We love the KEBA controller. The machine does the job for a great price. We appreciate all the support from the team at Maruka.

Brad Kapper / SeaSucker


Check out our full line of “All-Electric” molding machines from Japanese manufacturer, TOYO