Only $550/seat

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in the Injection Molding Process. Not only Processors but also including Toolmakers, Maintenance and Engineering.

This course covers the basics that all molders need to know. The materials enable students to develop, document, and troubleshoot the injection molding process. This education aids in the reduction of scrap and improving efficiency to maximize profitibality.

3 day course runs from 8am to 5pm each day, with a morning and afternoon break and 2 hour for lunch. We ask that when on-site, your employees be committed to the class.


Brad Faulkner
Technical Sales Manager

Meet your Instructor

I have worked for almost 30 years as a “molder”. I worked my way up through the ranks to a Senior Plastics Process Engineer. In doing so, I’ve performed almost every job in molding including: Set Up Adjuster, Group Leader, Manufacturing Supervisor (for a 79 machine operation), Senior Mold/Process Engineer and Mold Engineering Supervisor. I also quoted work including medical jobs that I would work with our teams to design, build and run. I led manufacturing in the validation for production on the floor and worked with the customers for their approval.

Later I spent 8 years within an Automotive plant (consisting of over 100 injection molding machines) leading process engineering and later teaching Master Molder classes. I started out teaching basic and advanced injection molding for 15 years at the Community College level. However, in recent years I’ve been an RJG instructor for the largest connector manufacturer in the world. I have instructed classes from Molding Essentials through Master Molder II.

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