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We need your feedback

By April 18, 2017 No Comments

Help us build something great..

5 Nines new e-commerce site is close to launching and we need your help…

We’ve realized there is a gap for plastics manufactures who are buying equipment and industrial supplies online.

There is no focus on the user experience.

Here is a quick look at the competition.. www.ppe.comwww.dme.net

The video in this post shows you how to use our online feedback tool making it very easy for you to let us know what your thoughts are on any image/text/button/box/color/font type/ etc on the site.

Please, act as though you are a customer doing customer things; creating accounts, adding products to cart, making purchases, checking out, etc.. Feel free to complete any order to experience the entire process.

Let us know if/where you get hung up. Thank you in advance for your time,