We believe..

We have been in and around the manufacturing industry since 2005 and we’ve stuck around because we believe that the manufacturing industry is what has made America what it is today. Both jobs and technology are driven by the hard working people that make up this industry and we are here to support you.

Regional Support

Each of our Vendors has a dedicated Regional Manager that supports Five Nines directly.


Shawn Tuell
Advantage Regional Manager


Kevin Bruce
Maruka - TOYO & FCS Vp Sales


Brad Faulkner
Maruka - TOYO & FCS Technical Sales Manager

Matt Nieman Rapid Granulators

Matt Nieman
Rapid Regional Manager

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Rick Graves
Reiloy Regional Manager

John Knipp RJG

John Knipp
RJG Regional Manager

Patrick Sommers SESOTEC

Patrick Sommers
SESOTEC Regional Manager

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Michael Muth
SLIDE President

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Elisha Tucker
Smartflow Technical Manager


Tyler Gray
Yushin Regional Manager

If you need help with equipment

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